Want to make your model more characteristic? Instead of printing your models with boring embedded colour from the filaments, levelling up your models blazing with colours is now available! You can choose up to 5 different colours! (*note: the total price of the completed product will be charged as S$ 0.3 per gram for non-members with free postprocessing service included + an additional charge of $5 for coating, total weight above 50 grams will enjoy a 30% off discount! )

You have to prepare your own 3D printing models and files in 3D file formats. 

* 3D file formats supported:  

  • STL (Recommended)
  • OBJ 

*Painted* PLA

Filament Colours Available
Pigment Colours Available
  • * 3D file formats supported:  

    • STL  (Recommended)
    • OBJ
    • 3MF